Manage CSV Editor

To start, import your chat's .xatu file. You will need manage to do so. Starting from scratch is possible, however it is not recommended as it may cause issues with your chat if you do not maintain the list of guests.


  • If you have duplicate IDs in the .xatu file, it will cause an error. Therefore, any duplicates will be removed and automaically replaced.
  • The "Time Difference" column shows the time since the action occured e.g. it will show the time since a permnanent rank was given. If it is a ban/gag/tempmod etc., it will show the time remaining. If the time is negative, that means it has run out, or the event occured in the past. If the difference is 0, it means the action is occuring now "now" (i.e. rank was given now, temp is ending now).
  • Removing bans from manage may not unban the user due to IP banning being in place.

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Time diff is only needed when giving a temp rank or misc ban.
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ID Time Difference
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Gameban Rank Forever Ban Ban Status Mod History Misc ban
dunce, badge, yellowcard etc.
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